Affordable Asset Management for everyone

We believe the cost of financial advice should never exceed the value delivered to clients. That’s why we offer flat-fee asset management for only $105/month*, and cancellable anytime, with no commitments. We’ll meet with you online over video wherever you are in the US to set up your investment strategy and get your investing house in order.

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Lower fees = more growth

See the difference for yourself:

Unlike percentage-based asset under management fees and the expensive mutual funds or insurance products sold at ‘traditional’ money managers, our fees will not increase because the stock market goes up.

Your investment balanceTheir fees (1% of AUM)Our fees ($105/mo.)Your savings each year
In 5 years: $319,000$3,190“”$1,930
10 years: $407,000$4,070“”$2,810
20 years: $663,000$6,630“”$5,370
Assumes 5% real annual growth with fees paid outside of the account for simplicity. All numbers shown in today’s dollars and rounded a bit. We expect our fees to match inflation, which means they stay flat in today’s dollars.

If you start with $250,000**, over 20 years of investing for typical stock market returns, the other guys will have siphoned off more than $60,000 in extra fees compared to Better Tomorrow Financial.

That extra money should be in your pocket, not theirs. Contact us today if you agree.

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In addition to reasonable fees, we provide everything you would expect from a world-class investment manager, and more:

  • An investment strategy compatible with your goals, financial situation, and beliefs.
  • A diversified, low-fee, and tax-efficient portfolio for your unique situation.
  • Re-balancing and tax-efficient buying and selling to keep you on track.
  • Easy, all-online account transfers into our firm whenever possible. We hate paperwork, and will keep it to a minimum for you.
  • Online meetings to determine your strategy: we meet clients all over the US using online video conferencing so you don’t even have to leave your living room.
  • Free trial and cancel anytime: try our services for free for 30 days before paying us a dime. Cancel anytime afterward. We hate ‘lock in’ and only want you to stay with us if you’re happy. We think you’ll love it here, but we will help you move your funds elsewhere if you ever choose to.
  • Flexible arrangements: we can manage your assets directly on our platform (for IRAs or taxable accounts), or we can help you manage them wherever you have them (necessary for employer plans like 401ks.) You’re free to have us manage any or all of your assets. Have a separate account that you want to manage? Go for it. Want to direct us to do something different than our standard recommendations? You have complete control to do so.

Reach out to start doing better with your money.

Need more than investment management?

For financial planning services beyond investment management, ask about our Comprehensive Financial Planning when you contact us.

* One-time set up costs: For new clients who have NOT gone through our comprehensive financial planning process prior to purchasing on-going investment management services, you will be charged a one-time set up fee for ~4 hours of our time to make sure we understand your situation & goals prior to managing your assets.

This will cover:

1) meeting with you to understand your investing goals and answer any questions you have before we allocate your assets.

2) the one-time work we have to do to get your assets transferred over to our platform.

If you have all your assets in cash and your situation is very simple, we might not need the full 4 hours and can arrange a lower set up fee. Contact us for an exact estimate.