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Contact Better Tomorrow Financial using the form below, or text/leave a voicemail at 253-655-7627.

For individuals and couples

Our most popular service is our comprehensive one-on-one financial planning. For one flat fee, we cover everything from investing and retirement to how to save more and spend less.

Most of our clients save thousands per year through reduced income taxes, lower investment fees, and reduced expenses. All of them finish our first year’s sessions with a set date for retirement and a clear path to achieving their other financial goals.

Invest in your own future by contacting us above.

For business owners and human resources

Let an independent Registered Investment Advisor help your employees choose the right benefits and employer retirement plan choices. We teach workplace benefits and investing seminars to help you take care of your employees, and help them take care of themselves and their families, and make the most of the benefits you offer them.

The timing of our seminars work best if we schedule them prior to– or at the very start of– your next open enrollment period.

Our fee will include travel reimbursement from Seattle as well as a flat-rate for the seminar. The flat-rate is based on the estimated hours of meeting and preparation time needed to best serve you. Online classes are available, but we find that in-person sessions are most effective.

Reach out above to collaborate on how to help your employees make the best use of the benefits you provide.

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