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If you’d like to hire me for financial planning or otherwise want to reach out, please contact me using the form below, or just text/leave me a voicemail at 253-655-7627. (Optional: If you want to jump start the process, take 3 minutes to tell me about yourself here.)

If you’d like to share something with the Better Tomorrow Financial community (this is an especially good for asking questions), post it on our personal finance Facebook page.

What I can do for you

My primary service is one on one financial planning. We will generally spending 10 – 15 hours together in 2 – 3 hour chunks spread out over 3 – 6 months, with a follow on ‘checkup’ later in the year to see how your getting on post-plan implementation.

We will cover everything relevant to your financial life from investing to spending & savings to better banking to insurance to estate planning, and everything else you can think of that touches on your financial life. The key to how I work is guiding you to take action to improve your finances in real time while we meet. Walking you through the necessary steps to save you money on your bills, reallocate your investments to better ones, increase your savings rate and so on is a very valuable part of our working sessions. You will typically accomplish 90 – 100% of the financial plan we create for you during and between our sessions. I will support you as needed in completing anything we’re unable to finish together during our sessions for up a year from when we start.

I will set you up with automated banking, spending, and investing solutions so that you will be able to manage your money with only minutes per month once we’re done, freeing up your time and energy so that you can go back to enjoying life knowing that your money infrastructure is working for you around the clock and your financial life is on track.

What it costs and the value I provide

My 1:1 holistic financial planning packages are currently $2,980, which you’ll find is comparable to what another advisor might charge. You will likely find this way cheaper compared to other solutions, and perhaps even ‘free’ to you because:

  1. I do not charge anything to ‘manage’ your money, and will set you up with low fee investments that manage themselves through automatic rebalancing to re-allocate your assets as you approach retirement, or whatever your time-based money goal is. A typical advisor will charge you 1% of ‘assets under management’ per year, meaning that if you have $100,000 invested, they’ll take a $1,000 cut every year, which increases every year as your investment increase. This alone is more expensive than my one-time fee (which you also might have to pay them separately.) Scoundrels like Edward Jones, Ameriprise or Raymond James also cost you AUM fees, but in the form of high expense ratios in the investments they sell you, or in the form of commissions (aka kick backs) from high-priced insurance products like annuities or cash value life insurance.
  2. I almost always find lots of savings for you. For a majority of my clients so far, this more than pays for my fee in the very first year while we meet. This might be optimizing your insurance, helping you cut subscriptions or replace them with other services that get you more value for the money, getting you into lower-fee investment products, getting you out of expensive products someone else has sold you, or helping you negotiate down your cable and phone bills.

Your financial future and what you will achieve by working with me is worth far more than my fee, I promise you. I’m so confident of this based on my past client experiences that if you honestly feel you didn’t get enough value for your money after we’re through, I am happy to negotiate my rate down and refund you something to better reflect the value you got out of my services.

So, contact me using the form above, or call me right now to schedule a free 30 minute consultation to see if what I offer is right for you.

For those who are unsure or are really strapped for cash

If you have a very low income, or just aren’t sure you want to commit that much for financial planning services, I offer a discount to low income individuals and families, and also discounts for group sessions if you are comfortable discussing your finances with another paying client.

Perhaps you have a friend, coworker, or family member who is also looking for financial advice. If so, here’s how you can both save, depending on how many of you a counsel at once:

  • For 2 people (married couples or those who share finances count here as 1 person), you each get 25% off ($2,235 each)
  • For 3, 33% off ($1,986 each)
  • For 4, 40% off ($1,788 each)
  • For 5, 50% off ($1,490 each)
  • For more than 5 people, call me and we’ll structure something like a private series of class sessions.

I also teach classes to larger groups, but that means you have to do a lot of the implementation on your own, but if you’re very motivated and good at navigating financial websites like your employer’s 401k and investment sites, that can be a good option for you.

Lastly, even if you’re not willing to spend a dime, my blog has a ton of good information for you to follow, so if you’re a voracious reader and don’t mind doing all this yourself with the info I provide here, it’s all free ;).

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