Vanguard lowers fees again – switch to Admiral shares to save!

Index fund-pioneering mutual fund company Vanguard has a history of lowering fees.  Vanguard lowered the minimum amount investors need in a single fund from $100,000 to $10,000 to qualify for Vanguard’s lower-fee “Admiral” share class.

If you have Vanguard index funds with $10,000 more in them, convert them to Admiral shares and save!  (Or switch to Vanguard if you don’t currently use them and are looking for better investments at lower cost; they’re the best!)

I just converted my applicable Vanguard funds today to Admiral shares (and did the same thing for my clients.)  Go to your Vanguard account and click the ‘Convert to Admiral shares’ in your account view to see if you have any eligible funds to convert.

Here’s the news story that gives more details on this:

Author: Ward Williams

Ward is an independent financial advisor at Better Tomorrow Financial. He started working as an independent investment advisor in 2009.

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