Welcome to Better Tomorrow Financial’s fall horror & halloween page!

white skull table decor
My home office in October

Umm… I thought you were a financial advisor?

Yeah, yeah, but even financial advisors have to step away from the HP-12C and have some fun once in a while, and I LOVE the Halloween season! (Some people call it ‘fall’.) Below is a list of resources for celebrating Halloween to the max.

Haunted Houses

Find a haunted house near you on, or build your own and try to scare your neighbors like I do!

Scary media: movies, audio plays, and readings!

Spooky audio stories and radio plays

I love radio as a medium, especially for Halloween. Scare yourself to sleep with 12 free spooky audio shows.

Once you’ve finished those, here’s 5 more of my favorites.

If aliens are more up your alley, try these 7 movies.

Spooky readings

Here’s 12 free horror stories from the likes of Edgar Allen Poe, Algernon Blackwood, and more.

Horror and Halloween movies and TV

Here’s 10 of my favorite scary movies. I favor suspense and creepiness over gore. And zombies. I love zombies.

zombies behind shabby door
Let us into your Halloween party!