Hire me to help you

What I can do for you

My most popular service is one on one financial planning. Contact me to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

If you hire me for a complete 1:1 financial planning package, we will generally be spending 10 – 15 hours together in 2 – 3 hour chunks spread out over 3 – 6 months, with a follow on ‘check-up’ later in the year to see how you are getting on after we’ve implemented your plan.

We will cover everything relevant to your financial life from investing to spending & savings to better banking to insurance to estate planning to kid’s college savings, and anything else you can think of that touches your financial life. The key to how I work is guiding you to take action to improve your finances in real time while we meet. This ensures that you don’t just get advice; you get major financial improvement as we go. I will support you as needed in completing anything we’re unable to finish together during our sessions for up a year from when we start.

I will set you up with automated banking, spending, and investing solutions so that you will be able to manage your money with only minutes per month once we’re done, freeing up your time and energy so that you can go back to enjoying life knowing that your money infrastructure is working for you around the clock and your financial life is on track.

I will also provide as much (or as little!) financial education as you want while we discuss your options and my recommendations. I love to talk about money matters, but some people just want to know what to do and get it done as quickly as possible, and I’m fine with that also!

What it costs and the value I provide

My 1:1 holistic financial planning packages are currently $2,980 per individual or per married/shared-finances couples (one or both of you are welcome to attend any or all sessions), which you’ll find is comparable to what another advisor might charge. You will likely find this way cheaper compared to other solutions once you factor in everything, and perhaps even ‘free’ to you because:

  1. I almost always find lots of savings for you. For virtually all of my clients so far, this more than pays for my fee just from savings during the very first year that we meet. Examples of how I help you save include optimizing your insurance, eliminating interest charges by helping you pay off debt, helping you cut costs on subscriptions or replace them with other services that get you more value for your money, getting you into lower-fee investment products, getting you out of expensive products someone else has sold you, or helping you negotiate down your cable and phone bills.
  2. I do not charge anything to manage your investments, and will set you up with low-fee investments that manage themselves through automatic rebalancing and re-allocate your assets as you approach retirement without either of us having to lift a finger. A typical advisor will charge you 1% of ‘assets under management’ per year, meaning that if you have $200,000 invested, they’ll take a $2,000 cut every single year without adding anything to your performance (and often worsening it.) Because it’s a percentage, this fee will increase in dollars exponentially over time as your investments increase in value. Scoundrels that you should definitely avoid like Edward Jones, Ameriprise or Raymond James also cost you significant fees, but in the sneakier form of high expense ratios on the investments they sell you, or in the form of commissions (aka kick backs) from high-priced insurance products like annuities or cash value life insurance.

Your financial future and what you will achieve by working with me will be worth far more than my fee, I promise you. I’m so confident of this based on my past client experiences that if you honestly feel you didn’t get enough value for your money after we’re through, I am happy to negotiate my rate downwards to better reflect the value you actually got out of my services.

The best time to take action on your finances is right now, regardless of what shape they’re in, so contact me using the form in this link, or call me right now, to schedule a free 30 minute consultation to see if what I offer is right for you.

If you’re still unsure or are really strapped for cash

If you have a very low income, or just aren’t sure you want to commit that much for financial planning services, I offer a discount to low income individuals and families, and also discounts for group sessions if you are comfortable discussing your finances with another paying client. Ask me about this and we’ll chat.

Perhaps you have a friend, coworker, or family member who is also looking for financial advice. If so, my group rate discounts are below. (If you don’t have someone you know who wants to join you, let me know you want to be paired with strangers and I’ll put you on a wait list and contact you once I have another person who wants a group session.):

  • For 2 people*, you each get 25% off ($2,235 each)
  • For 3, 33% off ($1,986 each)
  • For 4, 40% off ($1,788 each)
  • For 5, 50% off ($1,490 each)
  • For more than 5 people, call me and we’ll structure something like a private series of class sessions.

*Married couples or those who share finances count here as 1 person, so this could be two couples, or one individual and one couple. Keep in mind that the usual 10 – 15 hours for 1:1 sessions will stretch out longer the more people I’m counseling together, so be prepared to spend a little more time in our meetings than you would if we met 1:1.

I also teach classes to larger groups. If you’re motivated and good at navigating financial websites during or between classes, this can be a good option for you since these classes are at a significant discount to my 1:1 fees. The downside is you have to follow the steps I lay out for you on your own without as much ‘hand-holding’ from me, and might have a wait a while until the next session is scheduled. Put your name on the interest list here to be notified about the next class.

For those that are highly capable of researching and doing things on their own, my blog has a ton of good information for you to follow, and it’s all free ;).