[Deal gone for now] Airlines flights with Costco ($450 for $500 Alaska gift certificates)

UPDATE 2021-07-17

This deal has expired. You can search Costco to see if it’s back. In the mean time, check out these other savings tips.

This deal from Costco sounds awesome for those flying Alaska Airlines in the near future. Costco is selling $500 Alaska gift certifications with no blackout days or expiration for $450. You can buy up to 10 of these and apparently can use as many as you want when buying an Alaska flight via alaskaair.com and using your Alaska ‘wallet’ account (that you then deposit the gift certificates into.)

Ward’s favorite airline meets Ward’s favorite warehouse store!

Get ’em here while they last! Costco Executive members ($120/year membership) get their 2% back too: https://www.costco.com/alaska-airlines-500-gift-certificate-delivered-via-email.product.100702109.html

I haven’t used this yet but intend to soon, so I’ll update when I do on how it works!

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